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”5G is not Antichrist. Anytime there’s a major shock around the world the church thinks this way” – Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo (video)

The founder and Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has asked Christians around the world to stay away from theories and claims of 5G being the Antichrist.
Pastor Ashimolowo, who admitted that he is not a scientist but a Pastor, stated that anytime there is a major shock around the world the church thinks it is the Antichrist. He went on to recount how the church thought Napoleon, Benito Mussolini, Hitler and many others were the Antichrist.
He also threw a shade at Pastor Chris who he said he is disappointed in for putting out a graph to show a link between 5G, Coronavirus and the Antichrist. He adviced everyone to stay indoors amid the lockdown over Coronavirus outbreak.

He concluded by stating that the world is facing a pandemic which Jesus spoke of in Mathew 24:8.
See video below ;
It could also be because Pastor Matthew lives in England, and we have rules here. You misinform people, they get infected and died... Lawyers & Govt will have a filled day with your behind.

Anyway He's right and he did the right thing informing his folk properly.
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