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Nigerian Social media influncer, Omohtee left battling for life after plastic surgery goes wrong.

A Popular Nigerian Lady on social media, Omohtee, has taken to her twitter page to reveal the daily battle of life she faces after she underwent a body modification surgery that has gone wrong.
Omohtee also called out the Nigerian based plastic surgeon and advised her followers against undergoing any body modification surgery from the said surgeon who was identified as Med Contour (Dr. Anu).
Omohtee said that she wanted a normal waist but when that did not materialize after the surgery, med countour blocked her on all social media platforms.
Dr Anu in her defense, stated that her only offence is that Omohtee’s waist is too tiny.
Her reply reads ;
“So apparently my offense is that her waist is too tiny .
At the expense of another persons name and profession some people just want their posts to trend…this is really sad.
I leave this lady to God..let Gods will be done”