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Please pray for me – Lady who tested positive for coronavirus says

Another victim of the dreaded novel Coronavirus, has taken to her social media page to share a really heartbreaking video of the ordeal she’s facing after she tested positive for Covid-19.
Precious Williams has had many sympathize with her after she disclosed in a message on her page that she’s tested positive for the virus and asks her friends to put her in their prayers as she hopes for a speedy recovery.
Precious has been in the hospital for a week and so far, the experience hasn’t been a good one as she’s described the dreaded COVID-19 as a “monster”.
She revealed that she’s had difficulty breathing due to the damages the virus has caused to her lungs and asides that, she’s also a pneumonia patient.
She wrote on her page,
”I’ve tested positive for the corona and I have pneumonia! Been n the hospital for a week dying! Well at least that’s wat it feels like! This thing is a monster! Not being able to breathe is one of the worse feelings in the world!!! It’s not a game ppl plz pray for me,” Precious sadly wrote.