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Nurse caught on tape trying to exchange a newly born baby with money [watch]

An unnamed nurse has been caught red handedly by some people for trying to sell off a newly born baby which is against the law of the country.
According to sources, the nurse who is engaged with Mother of Mercy Hospital and Maternity in Okpoko in Nigeria was seen holding the newly born in a cloth and walking outside the premises of the hospital where she works.
This drew the attention people and they went to question her about the baby.
The source continued that she told them she was looking for the mother of the newly born baby but her excuse didn’t convince the people.
They decided to make her call the mother of the newborn baby to prove that indeed she knew the mother. This action of the people actually landed the nurse in trouble.
Neighbors accused the nurse of plotting with someone to sell the child and frame a lie to the original mother that her child died.
Watch the video below: