Wednesday, June 3, 2020

5 Great Things to Experience With Hearing Aids in the Redding Area

No one should allow hearing loss keep them from experiencing Redding, California. This town offers so much to the senses. Enjoy music, dining, and nature again. "Hearing impaired" is a state of mind. Your family will love you for donning your hearing aids and experiencing this wonderful area with them. Don't let your ears keep you from enjoying what your town has to offer. Check out these five sounds you can experience with the right hearing aids offered by your local audiologist.
1. Cascade Theatre
Located just minutes from downtown, the Cascade Theatre hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year. Home of the North State Symphony, performances are stunning and give your senses a glimpse of music's past. String, woodwind, brass, and piano bring the classics to life in the antique setting of the Cascade Theatre. Get out and enjoy the music.
Picture the serene beauty of a national park: Birds chirping and the wind brushing against the trees. This seems peaceful on the surface, but just beneath lies nature's fury. The sound of bubbling mud pots, boiling springs, and the rush of steam vents will overload your senses. The blast of the outdoors is just up the highway from downtown. Go find out what all the noise is about.
Nature continues its melody at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park and Museum. The stunning views of the Sundial Bridge and the serenity of outdoors are breathtaking. The park is often overwhelmed with the sounds of children playing and birds singing along a multitude of nature trails. Don't feel like a hike? Enjoy a family picnic along the lapping banks of the Sacramento River.
Play ball! This sports facility features exact replicas of three famous baseball stadiums: Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and Yankee Stadium. The sights and sounds of baseball fill the air year-round in this family-friendly atmosphere. It's not just about baseball. The sports park features indoor roller hockey, outdoor volleyball, and a children's play area. You will find the sounds of joy in this full-service family adventure.
Hearing loss patients are offered exciting events at the Civic Auditorium. Host to the annual Broadway in Redding and the Shasta Community Concerts Association, music comes to life on the banks of the Sacramento River. Built for comfort and audience participation, a visit here will become music to your ears. Don't miss a trade show, exhibit, or convention. The auditorium screams entertainment throughout the year with musicals and Off-Broadway plays. Go relax and have a listen. Your mind will thank you for it.
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2. Lassen Volcanic National Park
3. Turtle Bay Exploration Park and Museum
4. Big League Dreams Sports Park
5. Redding Civic Auditorium
In summary, Redding offers a variety of cultural, social, and outdoor events. What's keeping you inside? Hearing loss? Embarrassment? Put in your hearing aids so you can spend time with your family and experience the Redding area together. Get back to living again with the sounds of children playing and the joy of nature. Your ears will thank you.
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