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How To treat Basal/thumb Joint Arthritis [Causes, Symptoms and Treatment]


Basal Joint Arthritis is also known as thumb joints is a form of arthritis that can affect all gender without any age barrier. But before going deep to know what basal joint Arthritis is all about and know it in different subheadings such as the causes, symptoms and treatment, let me briefly explain what arthritis is all about.


Arthritis, in general, is a disease of the joint, it causes inflammation of the joint and is accompanied by as severe pains within the joint region.

However, there are different types of arthritis in which Basal Joint Arthritis is one of them.

What is Basal Joint Arthritis

Basal Joint Arthritis is a type of arthritis that usually affect joints located at the base of the thumb. It normally affects women close to or above 40 years of age, but research has proven that this kind of arthritis can also affect men and youngsters.

At beginning, it can start from one of the thumbs in the hand while gradually at the severe stage it gets to both of the thumbs.


According to medical experts, the major cause of this kind of arthritis is trauma, that is an accidental injury. If you had an injury that is close to your fingers, if not properly treated it can lead to basal joint Arthritis.

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Also, another cause can be as a result of
wear and tear that occurs in the joint of every human being. Force turning of objects, twisting, and constant gripping can increase the severity of this Arthritis.


  • Pains In the hand
  • Swollen joints
  • Stiffness of Joint
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Pains in the hand: This is the most common symptom of this basal joint disease. Whenever you try to lift up an object with the affected finger you will feel a shape pain emanating from that finger. If not treated immediately, at the severe stage one can find it very difficult to lift up objects with that finger.

Swollen Joints: At a severe stage, Joint affected will swell and when massaged it becomes so painful.

Stiffness of Joints: Joint becomes stiff and if not treated at advance stage joints becomes deformed.


Early, proper diagnosis and treatment of thumb joint arthritis can increase the chance of recovery. Doctors can diagnose this condition by conducting X-ray to checkmate the severity of the condition.

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But Doctor can usually diagnose this condition by looking at the shape (anatomy) of the thumb, once there is any deviation, it can be a clear indication of this arthritis condition.

Nonsurgical Treatment

As stated early, proper and early diagnosis can increase the chances of the total recovery. if diagnosed early your doctor can insert a splint on your thumb which usually last for 3 to 7 weeks.

The splint will reduce the movement of the affected thumb and once movement is reduced, wear and tear will also be reduced leading to reduced inflammation of the thumb joints.

Also, Non-surgical treatment can be done by taking anti-inflammatory medications which will help to reduce the rate of inflammation. Drugs such as aspirin are usually administered to the patient.

injection such as cortisone can also help to reduce inflammation. However, there are other non-chemical drugs (Natural health drugs) that can treat any form of arthritis, there are listed below.

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Surgical Treatment

This kind of treatment is usually regarded as the last resort when the basal or thumb joint has been destroyed as a result of arthritis, then, surgery is the next option.

The aim of the surgery is usually to remove the affected or destroyed joint and replayed by a tendon removed around your wrist during surgery.

Since this surgical procedure is usually painful, doctors can anaesthetize your whole body so that you will not feel the pains during surgery.

Can I Use my thumb again?

Yes, you can make use of your thumb again. once the tendon has been reformed to a matured bone all the pains will drastically disappear. and once more you can make use of your joint again.

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