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Best recovery treatment for stroke patients


Do you want to know some of the best treatment for a total recovery of stroke? if yes, this is the best article for you to read. It will educate you on some.

In this article, you will get to know some of the best stroke treatment or recovery treatments for patients suffering stroke ailments.

This stroke treatment has been confirmed effective and it also been proven to be one among the best stoke time because it has been used to treat a lot of people with stroke. also for more proof on the wonders of the drug, a video of the testimony of one Mr Uchechuke has been added to clear doubts. and also feel free to contact mimipost for more info. It is also important to note that these drugs are all NAFDAC approved.

This is a wonderful experience as KEDI products cured a man from total paralysis/stroke

Full testimony of Mr Uchechukwu on how he was cured of total stroke below, keep reading.

What is Stroke

let start from the basis of understanding what stroke is all about. A stroke is an attack that originates from the brain. Stroke can be caused by many factors but the common one is lack of oxygen to an area of the brain. when the amount of oxygen going to a particular area of the brain is not sufficient or lack of oxygen, the brain cells of that particular area begin to die. with time, stroke gradually set in.

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To revive the dead or dying cells best stroke treatment like the ones recommended at the end of this article should be taken immediately

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For instance when an individual who has a small stroke can only experience minor problems such as non-permanent weakness of the arm or leg.

Symptoms of Stroke

  • The early indications of stroke are minor to severe pains around the heart region.

“brain attack”. It can happen to anyone at any time. It occurs if blood flow to an area of the cerebellum is skipped off. If this occurs, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die.

For instance, someone who had a minute stroke may only have minor problems such as transient weakness of an arm or leg.

Now back to Mr Uchechukwu He had a stroke and became fully paralyzed while in Lagos. Therein Lagos, they took him to several places to no avail. They even consulted the native Yoruba people to no avail. So,  when they got tired,  they had no other option, than to carry him with his wheelchair back to his home town, to die there. So, it will be cheaper, than for him to die in Lagos.

One-day, the father of Mr Uchechukwu met a woman who is also interested in Kedi business but was not fully registered.  The woman advised him that, she would bring a Kedi doctor, that will come and see him,  because, there is no harm in a trial.

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So, I  was informed about him by the woman after the father tried other means to see if he could be restored a little bit, but to no avail.  So,  they consulted me to come and see him.  The day I went there,  the only things,  that we’re moving in his body were his eyes and mouth.

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I saw his condition, I wept inside my heart. Laying down, from Monday to Sunday,  from month to months ahead, without any sign of improvement.

When I started treatment on him,  I told the father, that, in three months time, he would be able to sit by himself and as well as eat by himself.  Because as at then, his sister was the one, who was helping him to urinate,  defecate,  bath,  brush,  wear cloth,  and even helped him in terms of turning him to a different direction when he was overlaying down.

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But to cut the long story short,  the family is too happy. Many people are amazed.  I am too happy because  I knew it from day one that Kedi products will cure him together with our Dolphin Massager.  Today,  a paralyzed man can walk. Can bath by himself,  can eat by himself. All courtesy of Kedi drugs.

Below is a short testimony of the man. It is a must watch.


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