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Buhari In Shock As Boko Haram Ambushed and killed 67 Soldiers

buhari in shock

– President Muhammed Buhari has lamented over the killing of 67 Nigeria soldiers in Borno State by the Boko haram terrorist set.

– Buhari promised to continue in the fight against terrorism and vowed that Boko Haram must be conquered in no distance time

– It has been officially reported that 67 Soldiers lost their lives while over 30 are missing.

– Buhari says his administration will continue to support the fight to rid Africa and the world of terrorism

Nigeria president, Muhammed Buhari has expressed grief over the killing of the Nigeria soldiers in Borno State.

Information reaching Mimipost.com has it that the attack which led to the death of 67 soldiers occurred on Wednesday 12 of December 2019.

However, it was also gathered that over 30 Nigeria soldiers are missing as a result of the attack and up to the point of filling this report, there whereabout remains unknown.

President Muhammed has condemned the attack by calling it a barbaric attack and vowed that more measures must be taken to ensure that the Boko Haram set is completely wiped out of the surface of Nigeria.

According to Buhari:

”On behalf of myself, the government and people of Nigeria, I send our deepest condolences to the families of the bereaved, the government and the people of the Niger Republic following this dastardly attack,” the president said.

Mr. President also prayed that the military will continue to conquer the Boko Haram and never again shall any military person be killed by the terrorist set.

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