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Glo Oga Sim data Plan: Get upto 125% Data bonus for browsing

glo oga sim data plan

The data Grand master of Nigeria which is popularly known as Glo network has recently introduced the Glo Oga Sim which offers you up to 125% data bonus on data renewal and on subscription by just migrating to the plan by dialing the code below.

What is Glo Oga Sim Plan: Some hidden benefits revealed.

The Glo oga Sim is a newly launched tariff plan that can offer you up to 125 percent of your data bonus on renewal.

But you will ask yourself this question, Is it only on renewal that I can receive the data bonus? No!

With the Glo oga Sim plan you will receive double of your data not only on renewal but also on subscription.

That is to say, If I subscribe for N2500 instead of having 7.2GB I will be having 14.4GB.

Also, with N1000 you will be having 4.0GB instead of having only 2GB.

The hidden truth about this Oga plan data is that it’s also apply to all other plans as well and also it is mainly for new customers.

That is to say, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the Glo network double data offer you need to get for your self a new Glo line.

Having known what the Oga Sim data is all about let tackle the next question which is

How do I subscribe for Glo oga Sim double data offer?

To subscribe for the Glo Oga Sim double data first thing you need to do is to get for your self a new Glo line or if you are a new customer the better for you.

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To subscribe, all you need to do is to simply dial the Glo Oga sim plan code which is *777# and the follow the prompts instructions.

Having known how to subscribe for the Glo Oga double data offer, let look at the next question.

Is the Double data offer for every one

The simple answer to this question is No. The data offer is not available for every one but it is only available to people who are listed below.

  1. For new customers
  2. For existing customer whose last data subscription expired for the past 90 days ago. And
  3. For customers who has never used data before.

Yes, this are the three categories of people that can subscribe to and make use of the Glo Oga Sim double data offer. If you are not in this categories please just note that you can only get 25% bonus of your data.

Having known the categories of people that are meant to use this special data offer by Glo network let’s look at the next question…

Is this special data dependent on 4G of not?

The answer is capital No. It does not depend on if your sim is 4G enabled or not.

Remember, this data plan was mainly carved out for new customers, ones you fall into the categories of the three people that are eligible to use this Glo Oga Sim double data offer you will be given your bonus on your subscription.

Guess what? I know the question ringing in your mind right now and which is

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Can the Glo Oga Sim plan be shared?

Yes. It can be shared but you must purchased a data plan that is worth N2000 and above.


Since the Glo Oga Sim data is specifically meant for new customers, it is advisable to get your self a new Glo line.

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