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How to Identify and differentiate symptoms of malaria and that of Typhoid

how to recognize malaria

Hello, Welcome to today’s health post written by Miracle Alozie. In this post, I want to educate you on the differences between the symptoms of Malaria and the symptoms of Typhoid and also reveal to you some of the best malaria treatment drugs.

Also, you will learn how you can treat both at home Not only that I will also answer this question, HOW IS MALARIA TRANSMITTED.

The reason I want to also educate you on how malaria is transmitted is that some people do not still understand how malaria parasite is being transmitted.

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Formerly Malaria was one of the deadly sicknesses, but thank God for advancement in human medicine which has enabled man to overcome the deadliness of the disease. Formerly Malaria was regarded in the same class as HIV/AIDS.


Even today, many people cannot differentiate between the Malaria Symptoms and that of Typhoid Symptoms. I believe the reason behind the inability to differentiate both is due to the fact that most at times they occur together.

In this post, I will like to highlight to you some symptoms that are peculiar to Malaria and those symptoms that are peculiar to Typhoid.

Many at times, we have mistaken Typhoid from Malaria which has to lead us to treating the wrong illness and at the end of the day the sickness continues and we lose money in purchasing drugs If at last nothing seems to stop we tag the drugs as Fake medicines.

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Before saying their symptoms, please let us, first of all, understand what causes both.

What Causes Malaria and Typhoid and How Is Malaria Transmitted

The causative agent of both is not the same therefore, their treatment cannot be the same. Malaria is mainly caused By Mosquitoes Bite and not any kind of mosquito but the Female Anolephose Mosquito which must have been infected.

The Female Anonephose mosquito bites you and sucks your blood in order to keep their eggs alive and remain vibrant, after which they will pass to you a parasite called plasmodium which will later multiply and develop to the Malaria sickness we know.

A friend of mine once said that, If that the mosquito will only bite and leave that it would have been better, Yes that the truth. Because there would have not been anything called Malaria.

What Causes Typhoid

Typhoid is a disease caused by Salmonina Typhi. It is found in water. That to say, you can only contact it if you drink water contaminated with semolina Typhi.

According to the World Health Organisation, to avoid Typhoid Infection always boils your water before drinking it. Once it is boiled, those parasites will die off. Now Let get to their Symptoms.

Symptoms Peculiar to Malaria

There are some signs you can get that are both for Typhoid and Malaria so, when you see the do not conclude that it’s Malaria or it’s Typhoid Until a medical checkup is conducted on you to verify the one present in you.

2.Mild Fever
4.Pains accompanied by weakness.
5.Vomiting and

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Symptoms Peculiar to Typhoid

Loss of Appetite
High Fever
Abdominal Pains
Intestinal Bleeding
General Body Weakness
Severe Cough

All these Listed above are the signs and symptoms of Malaria and Typhoid.

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How To Treat Malaria And Typhoid

This post contains how you can naturally treat malaria at home. Please note that this article is not meant to replace your doctors prescription

To naturally treat Malaria, natural medicines contain in herbs are used.

Orange Juice
Ginger and Garlic.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass is a natural grass that has been proven to be very medicinal.

This grass contains many medicinal properties that are effective in treating both malaria and typhoid. Not only that it also has other medicinal properties such as;

  1. Antibiotic properties
    2. Anti-inflammatory properties
    3. Anti-Oxidant properties
    4. It helps to fight and reduce cancer risk etc
How to Use Lemongrass

Lemongrass is used by boiling the grass with water inside a kettle or pot. After which you can drink the water.

How to Use Ginger and Garlic to cure Malaria

Ginger and Garlic is another natural herb that can be used for the treatment of malaria and typhoid.

It could also be used to treat other diseased conditions such as cold, cough, cancer, etc

To treat malaria with ginger and garlic macerate the both after pilling the bac, Add two to three spoon of raisin and boil together.

After Boiling, wait for it to cool then drink a class cup of it in the morning and in the evening.

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malaria treatment drugs

Below is the list of some of the best malaria treatment drugs you need to know.

However, from research, the best malaria treatment drug till date remains Chloroquine but people hate it because of its itching side effect.

  1. Chloroquine.
  2. Quinine.
  3. Doxycycline (used in combination with quinine)
  4. Atovaquone-proguanil (Malarone®
  5. Artemether-lumefantrine (Coartem®)

Treating malaria requires a consistent intake of the herb, it is not what you will take ones and stop expecting to get effective results. I believe from all that has been said, you now know How is Malaria transmitted and the symptoms of Malaria.

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