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Simple amazing tips to cure fibroids


How to completely cure fibroids without surgery and other related health challenges

Fibroids are tumours that grow in the uterine wall of a woman, this condition has affected women in many ways and has rendered 75 per cent of women childless.

Fibroids can be melted by using the appropriate medications. But before we go deep into some good fibroids medications let us, first of all, understand how fibroid starts developing in the wall of the womb.

How Fibroids are formed

Fibroid, as stated earlier, are benign tumours that are initially non-life threatening it can be originated as a result of some hormonal imbalance in the system of a female individual.

however, according to scientific research, fibroid has no obvious cause but it has been believed that when the oestrogen level is high it can trigger the development of fibroids.


  • No sign at the initial stage
  • though some people experience back pains, Period change etc
  • upset of fibroid is usually during reproductive ages.
  • they are most common in black female.


There are basically four (4) types of fibroid that affect women which includes;

  1. Pedunculated Fibroids: This kind of fibroid grows on the small stalks outside or inside the womb.
  2. Intramural Fibroid: This kind of fibroid usually grow in the uterus. it is the most common type of fibroid.
  3. Subserosal fibroid: This type of fibroid usually cause pains and discomfort to the sufferer because they grow outside the womb, as they grow they tend to push other organs away from their position, thereby, causing discomfort.
  4. Submucosal fibroid: this kind of fibroid is the most disturbed because it grows beneath the uterus and as a result causes bleeding and other severe complications.
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What causes uterine fibroids to grow

Research has proven that excess intake of sugar can speed up the growth of uterine fibroids because of the cells of fibroid feed from sugar.

When you hear sugar it does not mean white cube sugar alone but also includes carbohydrates food. Please don’t misquote it, carbohydrate does not cause fibroid but when fibroid starts developing they began to feed on sugars in the body.


Fibroid patient is supposed to visit a doctor when they observe the following signs

  • Change in length of period (Mensis) change.
  • when unable to control urination or often urination
  • frequent Pains in the lower cavity

IS FIBROID Reversible?

Yes, Fibroid of any kind is hundred per cent curable or reversible using natural treatment, the reason why most women taking natural medication used to feel as if fibroid treatment without surgery don’t work can be summed up with the following reason;

  1. patients don’t take their medicines as directed.
  2. Patients always feel that one dosage of medication can melt everything forgetting that fibroid started growing gradually over the years and need constant medication to be completely cured.

How to cure fibroid naturally

Curing fibroids without surgery is possible, below is a list of recommended health drugs that can shrink fibroid without side effect.

This recommended health drugs are products from KEDI healthcare company and has been proven effective to handle fibroid issues.

[table id=1 /]


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