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Are My Pregnant or What? This Is How To Test For Pregnancy With Salt

how to test for pregnancy with salt
HOW TO TEST FOR PREGNANCY WITH SALT Are you seriously confused to if you are pregnant or not and you have been asking yourself What simple pregnancy test can I do to test if truly am pregnant or not? Well, you have just landed on the right page. Here I will be discussing how you can perform a simple homemade pregnancy test. Let get started…………….. There are different types of simple pregnancy test you can perform at home before going to a medical clinic for a final result. You need to know those simple test and their accuracy rate which one of those tests is Salt pregnancy test and the other is Sugar pregnancy test. In this post, we will be looking critically into Simple salt pregnancy test and how you can perform those the test for effective result. Before listing the steps you will follow for this test you need to understand some basic terms. You have heard about salt and sugar before but what makes it effective in dictating pregnancy you might not know, read carefully as this post will also educate you. NOTE: This post is not meant to replace Medical description WHAT IS SALT: without going into the scientific definition of salt and in a layman’s language, salt is a crystalline substance that contains two basic elements sodium and chloride. from these, we can say that common salt is a bipolar substance. Read also: How to deal with insomnia [Instantly] and get the optimum sleep you desire READ ALSO: 10 Causes of Enlarged Prostate and best medication pregnancy test with salt and urine
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Common salt has the ability to detect HCG in your early morning urine and it can detect if one is pregnant or not. ITEMS FOR THE PREGNANCY TEST
  • Salt (common salt)
  • Two samples of early morning urine. if you are performing it on your self, use only your urine.


  1. Add several teaspoons of salt (3 recommended) to each of the urine samples
  2. Stir both samples gently to mix the salt and urine together.
  3. Wait for about 3 to 4 minutes before making the conclusion
  • If pregnant changes will occur in one of the urine
  • If not pregnant changes will NOT occur in the urine sample
The expected change in the urine of a pregnant lady is that the salt added to the urine will be mostly dissolved, while that of the non-pregnant remains unchanged. RESULT: The urine that dissolves the salt proves that the owner of the urine is pregnant while that that doesn’t prove negative to pregnancy.


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