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How to treat Vaginal yeast infection

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What Is A Yeast Infection (vaginal)

Vaginal  Yeast infection is a disease condition most women face At least one in five women suffers from Urinal tract infection caused by yeast infection.

The number one cause if this vaginal infection, according to research has been proven out to be the woman anatomy.   How? because the female anus and her urethra are closely located which makes it very easy for yeast to penetrate the vaginal and multiply there.  Yeast Infection is a serious infection and should be handled or treated immediately.

Vaginal yeast infection is a disease that their signs and symptoms are easily noticeable and cannot be ignored by one suffering from such a condition.

Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast infection.

  1. Burning and pain
  2. Frequent and very strong desire to urinate often
  3. A strong smell of Urine
  4. Passage of blood in the urine
  5. Pains in the lower abdomen

To treat a vaginal yeast infection, this could be achieved using good antibiotics.  However,  treating yeast with antibiotics is not very effective because they may re-occur later in life.

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In this post, I (Miracle Alozie) am going to reveal to you four major things you must always do to keep yourself away from yeast infections.

4 Preventive measures To Take To Avoid Yeast Infection

1. Maintain good personal hygiene

After you finish urinating wipe from front to back to prevent the passage of bacteria from the anus to the urethra, and the intimate area should be washed at least once a day. Never take perfumed toilet paper or intimate powders and perfumes, and prefer a shower rather than lying in the bathtub.

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2. Take large amounts of water

Taking much of water (fluid) can help to flush out the bacterial

3. Take vitamin C

This vitamin boosts the acidity of the urine and reduces the growth of bacteria.

4. Urinate whenever you feel to.

You should not postpone urination, because holding urine in the bladder over an extended period can give the bacteria a convenient location for breeding.

5. Urinate before and immediately after sexual intercourse

You should urinate before and after sex to get rid of the bacteria that you would penetrate through the urethra, and also before intercourse has a glass of water.

How to treat yeast infection

There are many drugs out there to be used for treating yeast (candidiasis) but getting the most effective drug is the challenge many patients encounter.

I have heard of some patient complaining that they have taken different types of drugs including nutritional supplement from GNLD (Golden Neo-Life Dynamite) non seems to work for them.

The truth is this, taking drugs to treat candidiasi (yeast) is good but how is your personal hygiene? During consultation I have asked women how many days do they put on their underwear before washing it and some has confessed to be for up to 5 to 7 days.

To treat vaginal yeast infection you need to constantly take good care of your under wear, remember those underwear absorbs the sweats that comes out of the body when they stay for too long on your body without washing it, that triggers the growth of various forms of bacterias which candidiasis can be one of those bacterias.

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onces the candidiasis gains it way to the vagina region of a woman they begin to multiply, over time resulting to yeast infection.

Also in a normal human, there are some organisms known as normal flora that helps to maintain the vagina of a woman, onces those microscopic organisms are altered by any means yeast can begin to grow because the walls of defense (Normal flora) has been broken down.


Funny enough it is not only women that suffers from yeast infection, also men suffers from that too, however, There are drugs that handles yeast infections effectively which I will list here. to get more information about those drugs you can contact me via whatsapp by clicking here


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