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Igbos in Nigeria will not rest untill presidency is given to them -Says Chief Ayo


Chief Ayo Adebanjo has draw the attention of the federal government of Nigeria to note that the igbos dominating the southern Parts of Nigeria will not rest until they are given presidency at the platter of gold.

The Yoruba chief which is the leader of the Afenifere group has advocated for the liberation of the igbos from Nigeria.

He also said that the president of Nigeria in the person of His Excellency Muhammad Buhari does not have Nigeria in mind neither does he care for the unity if Nigeria

Stating his reasons for saying that, Muhammad Buhari doesn’t have the unity of Nigeria in mind, He said that the president didn’t address the issue of restructuring of Nigeria during the October 1st independence day.

However, Chief Ayo quoted in his speech that the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria needs to be amended as it has given the president so much power.

Chief Ayo said : “You talk about unity, that is where you will know where the sincerity lies. If you are keen about unity, will there be a unit of the country that you will deprive presidency? What does that mean for unity?

“We are talking about people who want Nigeria to stay together. How can anybody who loves this country talk of the presidency coming to the South-west in 2023.

That’s why I tell you all these people are not serious, including Buhari. Why should you exclude the South-east? Is South-east not part of Nigeria? “South-west has had, South-south has had, the North has had, why exclude the South-east if you want them to be there? That is the point I was making earlier on.”

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