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Is instant indomie noodles healthy to eat, How good is it for to health?

is inatant noodles good for my health

Is Indomie Noodles healthy to eat?


Instant indomie noodle is a popular food for children and bachelor including some adult and student, many questions as regards to indomie has been asked on the net and one of those questions is, Is indomie healthy to eat ? Are the seasoning (flavour) in indomie good or bad to the body? does indomie cause cancer? and how good is it to my health.

In this article, I will be explaining vividly on the healthiness of indomie but I promise not to confuse you with all those medical jargons.

In Nigeria, there are over seven brands of instant indomie noodles manufactured by different company having almost the same flavour.

But the question is this, Is Instant indomie noodles a good or bad food for me? If it is bad food how is it affecting my health and if it is good food how are my benefiting from it.

As I have always promised to be plain not confusing you with medical and all the nutritional jargons I will also like to go straight to the point.


Just as the question Is Indomie Healthy to eat has filled people’s heart mostly the indomie eaters, The bitter truth is this, instant noodle on its own is hundred percent a junk food even though many manufactural will not agree to this. It is junk food because it contains fewer nutrients. Although instant noodle producers recently improve the nutrient value of their product.

But for me, if asked is instant noodle a good food? I usually reply not too good and when asked if it bad food? the same response will I give because even though it is a junk food you can add nutrients to it to make it nutritious.

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You can add onions, tomatoes, crayfish or even fish, vegetables such as pumpkin leaf, carrot and many more to increase the nutrient but eating only instant indomie noodles and the flavour attached to eat is equals to you eating hundred percent junk food.

Those days in the university one of my lecturer normally tells us “when you eat junk food you will be and behave like junk but when you eat nutritious food you will be healthy and strong ” which is true.

Having known that indomie is a junk food unless you make it nutritious, let also look at the effect of indomie.

Does Indomine flavour cause cancer?

One of the most common flavours found in all indomie is the salt attached to it. The salt is very high in sodium and bicarbonate.

People with high blood pressure are not advised to use this kind of salt as it has been reported by medical experts to increase the blood pressure in consumers.

Also, instant indomie noodles are never a good meal for anyone trying to lose weight or already in a weight loss plan.

How often can I eat instant noodles

Generally, indomie eating is advisable to be eaten ones in a while like ones in a week and not an everyday meal.

The answer to the question above ( does indomie cause cancer) the answer to this question is NO. Indomie instant noodles flavour has been medically proven not to cause cancer that is to say it is safe for consumers consumption but still knows that indomie on its own is junk food.

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Indomie contains low fibre, minerals and vitamins which is not good for developing children. Vitamins and mineral are essential nutrients for proper development in children but the irony is this, it is the children that love it most.

Fibre is also essential because it helps in bowel movement which will also help you to clean out waste from your stomach, but because of it absent in indomie, particles of indomie tends to remain in your body for days before it can be completely eliminated.


In the case you need to detoxify your body, mainly your stomach you can click on these link to contact me via WhatsApp and I will tell you what to do.

In conclusion, instant indomie noodle is junk food and its flavour does not cause cancer.

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