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how to lose weight fast and easily without much Exercise

How to lose weigh fast
In this post, I will be sharing with you a little method you can use to lose weight fast without undergoing much exercise. It is so obvious that many want to reduce fat but do not want to participate in many exercises due to one reason or the other, even some will tell you that they can not run for more than three minutes. Here I will like to start by asking you this question, Are you tired of eating strange food all in the bid of trying to lose weight? If yes, then I have come to assist you in achieving your goal. In this article, I will teach you the 3 science-based steps you must take in order to lose weight effectively in Nigeria without importing strange foods from abroad.

Now let begin explaining the steps on how to lose weight fast

There are many ways to lose weight but most of these steps will only succeed in keeping you very hungry and unsatisfied. Just as the saying goes in Nigeria, 'There are many ways to kill a rat' Yes there are also many ways to lose weight. If you follow this 3 Science-based steps effectively you will find out that you have succeeded in;

1. Say A Partial No to Sugar and Carbohydrates

When I say you should say a partial no to sugar and carbohydrates I simply mean that you should reduce your sugar and carbohydrates intake.
  Reducing your sugar and carbohydrates intake is the first step to take when trying to lose weight very fast. When you do this, after a while, you will discover that you have succeeded in reducing the number of calories you have been taking for years. Also, Through the process of keto-glycolysis, your body will convert all the stored carbohydrates in the form of glycogen to fat which will later be deaminated (destroyed) because the body can not store excess fat and by so doing you tend to lose weight fast. In Nigeria, it is so obvious that the majority of the population are totally dependent on carbohydrate because it is the cheapest food available to everybody but honestly speaking too much consumption of carbohydrate is very bad for the heath. If you truly want to lose weight very fast you must cut down the amount of carbohydrate you take every day. You should reduce the amount of gala you take, also reduce the number of soft drinks you take in because soft drinks are heavily loaded with sugars. One of the benefits of cutting down carbohydrate intake is that it reduces your insulin level which in turn will cause your kidney to shed out excess water and sodium (salt) out of your body and with this you will discover that you are beginning to lose weight fast and easy.

2. Take More of Vegetable, Protein, and fat

Contrary to what many health tutors teach, as an individual you need to balance your diet. Yes, from the simple definition of a balanced diet you are to understand that all the six classes of foods we eat need to be in their right proportion and also to be taken when needed.

Sources of Vegetables

There are many sources of low carbohydrate vegetables which include; cucumber, tomatoes, cabbages,  lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. READ ALSO: why is it important to eat vegetables everyday To lose weight fast and very easy it is advised to eat more of these vegetables.

Protein Sources:

There are a lot of protein sources out there but it is always advisable to eat proteins with low carbohydrates. Protein sources include;
  • Meat: Be it beef, chicken or turkey, goat.
  • Eggs: Eat the whole egg with the yolk
  • Seafood: such as Fishes, Crabs, Snails
  • Others that are very common in Nigeria include Egusi, beans, milk, etc
Fat Sources: Fat is good for health but it should be noted that not all fat is very good for the health of your heart. Since our aim is to lose weight fast, I will be listing for you those fat (Oil) that are beneficial not only to your heart but also those that have been proven to support the process of weight loss.

Fat (OIL) Sources:

  • Butter
  • coconut oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Olive Oil
There are many advantages of Low carb fat but I don't want to list them here. Don't be afraid to eat fat so far it is a low carb fat.

3. Do A Little Of Exercise

Exercise is the bottom line to achieve your weight loss goal. If you must lose weight fast and easy, you cannot do achieve it without exercise. The exercise in this weight loss plan is those you can do at home comfortably.
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There are different types of exercises you can perform at home even inside your room such as; squats, skipping rope, etc when you perform them on a regular basis you will lose weight and also excess fats will be eliminated out from your body. FINALLY To be able to lose weight very fast, you must adhere to these 3 Science-based steps.
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