Home Browsing Cheat MTN free browsing cheat with spark VPN 2019 edition

MTN free browsing cheat with spark VPN 2019 edition

Mtn free browsing cheat with spark

Mtn free browsing cheat: Free Browsing With Spark VPN  2019

Hello, Friends, I am so excited to see you in this new year. May this year bring you all your godly heart expectations. Just like magic when we share a link on Mtn latest cheat on Psiphon handler though many doubted it because it did not work for them due to one reason or the other.

Remember for you to use any Mtn latest cheat on any app you need to have a strong network otherwise it won’t work out for you and as such you will begin to doubt the cheat.

Amidst the testimony of people, many testified that the MTN free browsing cheat 2018 worked for them with unlimited data downloads.

In today’s post, I am going to teach you another MTN latest cheat with spark VPN. You can’t tell me that it didn’t work for you because this what I have been using since the beginning of this year 2019. So kindly follow all the steps to activate and rock the latest cheat before these monsters called MTN discovers the trick.

What Is Stark VPN?

First of all, for you to use MTN free browsing cheat you need to know what spark VPN is all about.  Spark VPN is a Virtual Private Network app that routes our connection to another region so as to keep our online activities and other users away from prying eyes such as our ISP. Remember the aim of this post is to browse free without you being charged by your network provider.

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By now I believe the next question in your mind is


This is a very nice question because I believe most of us don’t even want to know what Spark VPN definition is all about because it is a bunch of grammars.

Let go to the point. Before you can make use of the Mtn latest cheat on spark VPN you must have the following items to be listed below.


  1. A Smartphone (Android).
  2. Prepaid MTN SIM.
  3. Strong MTN Network coverage.
  4. Spark VPN cheat app. (Download link below)
  5. Spark VPN Config. File. (Download link below)
  6. If you have all these items listed above,  you are one step ahead.  Next is how you can set up the spark VPN.
  7. Stark VPN Settings For Free MTN Free Browsing
  8. Carefully follow the steps listed below to set up the free browsing cheat.
  9. Download Spark VPN app and Spark VPN config. file ( Download links provided at the end of this article).
  10. Tap on Tweaks at the top right corner of the app.
  11. Locate the Spark VPN Config file you download and tap on the file to import it.

After you have successfully imported the Spark VPN config file just wait for the app to automatically Connect. If it doesn’t connect automatically tap on the connect button yourself

In case you didn’t see the connect button kindly check the image below for the guide.

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Stark VPN MTN Free Browsing APP DOWNLOAD ||| Config. File DOWNLOAD

After importing the config file and you discovered that it has expired please kindly comment on the comment box below


when the app connects you will hear a short sound except you lowered the volume of your phone.  Secondly, you will see a key signature at the top of your screen at the notification bar of your phone.

For any confusion feel free to contact me on WhatsApp. Thanks for enjoying

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