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2020 MTN Free Browsing Cheat: 100% Working MTN cheat for Free Browsing


In the previous months, MTN which is also known as MulTiNet has been disabling some of the 2019 MTN free Data browsing cheats and because of that action by the MTN, individuals have resorted to searching for the updated MTN free Data cheat which in this post you will get the free and working cheat to use for all your free browsing.

The main reason many people today are searching for free data cheats to browse the internet is not because they don’t have money to subscribe to the monthly data plan but it is due to the fact that the MTN monthly data plan usually gets exhausted like water.

I have taken my time to study the new free cheats for browsing and I can attest that the free browsing cheats is working well.

Also, I have taken time to write on this Latest MTN free browsing cheat to enable friends and those searching for the new working cheat to browse for free.

Honestly speaking, free browsing cheat work, the Cheat is simple to use and in this case, we will be making use of Psiphon handler so that after configuring it we can have a free internet browsing.

Latest MTN free browsing cheat Using Psiphon

Follow the steps below to get the Psiphon app and also note that this cheat is only done with MTN sim card.


Download Psiphon app by clicking here
As usual, Install the app and open it on your android phone
Click on scan and allow it to search for an open port on your network so as to utilize it and give you free access to the internet.

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Install and open the app
Click on Option and then More option
Click next on the following:
Connect through HTTP injector: Tick
Use the following settings: Tick

Then, you will find other options such as CUSTOM HTTP HEADER and also the PROXY AUTHENTICATION

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You will find a spot to be configured by replacing the codes therewith.

Check Remove port box
Proxy type: Dual Real Host
Proxy server: Datareset.mtnonline.com/#Xstring
Real proxy type: HTTP
Real proxy port: 80

Immediate you should go to option and set your region as the United State of America

Finally tap on More options, under it click on Connect through HTTP and enter as host address and 8080 as the port.

Please always endeavor to follow this process of setting the Free MTN browsing cheat correctly before complain.

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If you still don’t understand how to set up the MTN free browsing cheat, please don’t hesitate to comment on the comments section and I will immediately reply to your comment.


The MTN free browsing cheat is effectively working [100%] if the steps outlined there are followed correctly.

Enjoy Your free data cheat and don’t forget to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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