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How To Root Android With Personal Computer (PC)


Rooting Device To Gain More Access

Welcome to this tutorial on how to root your android device with PC (Personal Computer). This is a Tutorial By Mimipost Health and Tech Blog to educate you on how you can effectively root your android using your PC.

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Most Android users prefer to root their smartphone due to some certain reasons ranging from trying to gain full access to their phone or trying to install some apps which only works on rooted devices.

In this article, I am going to be more precise on how you can root your Android phone with PC (personal computer).
Most of the times users try to root their phone using the same phone they want to root but at the end of the rooting process, they will discover that their phone is not rooted properly.

The best method of rooting an Android device is by using a PC system.

The PC method is more accurate to the Android method because the computer does the rooting while your phone is connected to the system to receive the root.

Wait a bit, have you noticed that rooting Android phones these days are more stressful than back 2014,  2015? If yes you may want to know why right?.

The reason behind this is that Google discovered that most smartphone owners who rooted their phone to gain full privilege over the phone misuse the privilege. Therefore, they have to increase their security of smartphone to make it difficult to root. Upon the increase in the security level of the Android phone, smartphones can still be rooted effectively if the right apps are used.

Before I list the apps you can use to root an Android phone let’s, first of all, know some of the benefit and effects of rooting your smartphone.

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Advantage of Rooting Smartphone

The first advantage of rooting an Android phone is to enable you to get full access over the phone. It like you running an app as an administrator in PC, you have all the right to do anything you want.

You can change anything you like, you can restore a deleted file, you can even change the operating system (OS) and many more. All this can be done only if properly rooted.

Why is rooting of Android phone dangerous?

When trying to root an Android phone, if any problem is encountered during the rooting process it can lead to crashing of the Operating system (OS) which in turn renders the phone useless.

So with this in mind, you should know that rooting Android phone is a 50 by 50 percent chances. It either the rooting process goes well and you get a rooted device or the rooting process did not go well and you get a crashed phone but if you are lucky your phone will not crash.

So now let go to the main business which is How to root Android with PC (personal Computer)
To root with a computer you need some apps which are listed below?

Android Root Software For Pc

1. Kingroot App.

Kingroot app gives the privilege to root any type of Android smartphone. The process of rooting with kingoroot computer app is very reliable.

Does it mean Rooting Android with Pc is far better than to Root android with smartphone apps?

Yes, rooting your android phone with pc (personal computer) is better and reliable to use the smartphone app’

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Before commencing the rooting process ensure that you have an active internet connection, 60 percent battery power that last, USB cable connected to the system and the phone then, ensure that the device is ON.

Procedure to Root Android with PC using Kingroot app.

1. Download the kingoroot app by clicking on this link https://www.kingoapp.com/android-root/download.htm then install the app on your system.

2. Open the Kingo root app, using the USB wire connection to your smartphone.

3. Ensure to accept the USB instructions in the Kingo Root app. Then after that click on the root on your system.

Please do not try to remove, move your smartphone as doing this can lead to crashing of the phone.

4. Allow the rooting process to indicate 100 percent and ensure that your device reboot by itself. Do not touch your phone until it reboots by itself. Then you are good to go.


Rooting Android devices sometimes can be a riskful process if not done properly. But If you follow the instructions written here You will know how you can root any android phone with PC without encountering any problem.

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