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Meet Doctor Godwin Maduka The Richest Doctor In Nigeria

Who is the richest doctor in nigeria-Doctor Godwin Maduka



Many web searchers have been looking for an answer to this question Who is the richest Doctor in Nigeria? some are searching for the best doctors in Nigeria.

Truth is there are many rich doctors out there but among the rich, there are also the richest. Someone who levels of wealth supersedes that of the others.

Among the list and after checking their net profit, Doctor Godwin Maduka has emerged the richest in Nigeria.

The profession of a doctor is never a mere dream profession where you can wake up one day to claim that you are a doctor.

The profession requires a lot of sacrifices and requires you to be a person of strong passion and a high level of concentration. Every true person who desires to be a doctor is expected to take note that the PROFESSION IS NOT EASY AS IT SOUND BUT CAN BE ACTUALIZED ONLY IF YOU HAVE A STRONG PASSION FOR IT.


Doctors in Nigeria face a lot of challenges which can range from high-level challenges to low-level challenges.
  • High-level challenges are referred to those challenges that are beyond the power of the aspirant such as;
  1. Educational standard in the aspirant country
  2. Societal activities while

  • Low-level challenges are referred to those challenges that are not beyond the power of the person who wants to be a doctor. And they include;
  1.  Ability to concentrate while studying
  2. Ability to put smartphones into subjections
  3. Ability to create a timetable and follow it properly
Presently The Richest Doctor In Nigeria, According to report is Doc. Godwin Maduka.


Godwin MaduKa hails from Umuchukwu, Nigeria. Doctor Godwin Maduka graduated from Rust College in 1988 with a degree in Chemistry.
  • in 1988, Doc MaduKa received another degree in Pharmacy after studying at Mercer University college of pharmacy and health sciences
  • in 1993, MaduKa became a medical doctor
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After this, Goodwin Maduka enrolled for the training at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Not only the heads the list of top 10 richest doctors in Nigeria but is one of the best doctors in Nigeria, who practices abroad. Currently, he serves as CEO and Medical Director of the Las Vegas Pain Institute & Medical Center.

Yes, the first medical doctor in Nigeria is the head of the largest pain treatment center in Nevada State, which specializes in pain medicine, physical therapy, wellness, and radiology.

Godwin Maduka has several specialties:

  •         chronic pain management
  •         acute pain management
  •         interventional pain management
  •         anesthesiology
  •         critical care
  •         pharmaceutical results

In addition to this, he works at Clinical Faculty Supervisor of Pain Management/Anesthesiology at Touro University Nevada’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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In an interview with Doctor Maduka, he admitted that his stay in the united state has been of great benefit to him and his people over here in Nigeria.

Maduka admitted that even though he is not present with them he still reaches to the demand of his people, not only his person family member but his entire community at large, Through the philanthropy, he aims to save Nigerians from the difficulties he had to face when growing up.

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Recently doctor Maduka completed a 15 story building in the rural community of Anambra, a report has it that the building is a proposed hospital owned by Maduka and will be equipped with sophisticated medical instruments that will increase the standard of the hospital.

Richest doctor’s social contribution
richest doctor in Nigeria

A 15-story building recently grew in the rural community of Anambra – one of the most important projects led by Dr. Maduka. The medical establishment will be equipped with the state-of-art facilities and become probably the first place of this kind on the continent. Moreover, it will serve as a place for training and lectures and a temporary site housing a medical college.

Dr. Maduka received the “Heart Beat of Africa Award” for his concern, generosity, and contributions.

Accusations: truth or lies?

However, being an outstanding person, whose name is commonly known, is not an easy task, even if you have good intentions and prove them by your actions. Thus, Dr. Maduka was accused of striking behaviors: using the money to bribe politicians, being a religious zealot and violent, using the militia to intimidate locals, seizing people’s lands… Even Doctor’s cousin believes him to overestimate personal contributions: his ego is out of control and he demands everyone to conform with personal views.

Nevertheless, there are more of those, who reject the accusations and admit that they are completely ridiculous.

Last words……

Godwin Maduka is the richest doctor in Nigeria. However, it is also important to note that emerging as the richest doctor in Nigeria was not a day job for Doctor Godwin Maduka.

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