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Why do the rich keep getting Richer and the poor keep getting poorer?

why the rich keep getting richer

In this present world, there is a  discrepancy between the rich and the poor which have made many people to asked this question “Why do the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer”?.

Basically in the world today there are three categories of people inhabiting the planet earth

  1. The Rich
  2. The average
  3. The poor

And the differences between these three categories of people all boils down to different factors that co-exist between them.

As a matter of fact, This article cannot vividly explain all the factors that made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

But the truth is this no one is destined to be poor by God. God created everyone equal, gave everyone the same 24 hours, sent rain to both the poor and the rich. What created the differences are a whole number of factors that will be explained here.

Reasons why the poor get poorer

  • Poor Relationship

Relationships matter a lot, it can determine how far an individual can go in life. Not having a good relationship with people that comes your way may keep you poor for a long time because of the fact that the person you meet today can be your helper tomorrow.

The word ‘I have Connection’ simply implies that you have created a good relationship with people that are capable of lifting you out of poverty.

  • Inability to Save

The inability to save has made a lot of individuals to go back to square zero or one. Saving things as money can save you from poverty at the later stage of life.

Having a good saving strategy will help you to reduce your extravagant expenditures.

The major problem many people are facing today is because they lack the ability to save.
Take a good lesson from the ant. The ants gather their food and save in the ground where they live so that during the days that they cannot go out to look for food they will feed on their reserved ones.

  • Low-income

Yes, this is another challenge that the poor people are facing. Having a low income that cannot cater to your needs is a very sad experience that the poor people do encounter and inturn many in this category keeps asking why do the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer?

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Your income matters a lot. No man can go beyond his income unless the person wants to be a criminal. But there is one thing I want you to know if you fall into this category and it is START A MINI BUSINESS. I know the road to start and succeed in that mini-business is not as easy but there is this one thing I want you to know ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

Success is not a one month journey, it requires consistency and a whole lot of effort to stand out. Never have the mindset of failure because your mind is the engine room for your success.

  • Having many Children they cannot cater for.

Having many children that you cannot cater to is another problem that the poor are facing. It is advisable to have children that you can take good care of and not having a whole nation as your children but you cannot take care of.

Indeed children are a good gift from God but it is not good to have children that are more than your capacity.

Remember once you have many children that are beyond your capacity you will not be able to save anything because you will feed them, clothe them, send them to school and as a matter of fact you as their father or mother must have to pay their bills and what if your income is not enough to do all this, then poverty continues but that is not your portion but remember it is the truth.

  • Poor Education

Education is the key to everything as they say and which happens to be the truth. Without having basic educational stability one can not be able to know how to manage his finance.

Let me tell you a story a friend of mine told me that might interest you as it is related to this particular question of Why do the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer?

One day, a friend of mine told me that the richest man in Africa which by name is Alhaji Aliko Dangote did not attend elementary school either does he has a University certificate yet he is the richest man in Africa.

My friend went further to say that maybe Aliko Dangote happens to become the richest man in African by chance and today he has employed many university graduates.

I told my friend that Aliko Dangote as the present richest man in African invested in his business, Despite the rumor of him not having educational stability which I don’t believe in that Aliko Dangote, does not have a basic educational background.
In his investment, he never relents on investing more and more. today he has both cement industries, Rich, flour, etc.

Okay, let’s now assume that he does not have a good educational background, he has employed graduates that could be able to manage his resources for him and that why the rich are getting more richer.
My dear education matters in everything you do.

  • Negative Mindset
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Research has proven that the poor always have the mindset of impossibility and negativity.

The mind is the engine room for every idea and once the mind is corrupt with impossibility nothing possible will come out of it.

With all these reasons we can say that is the reason the poor are becoming poorer.

Reasons why the rich get richer

On the other hand, Rich are becoming richer because:

  • Good Relationship

As stated earlier, relationship matters a lot, an adage said show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. The person you met today in life can turn out to be the person that will bring you into your Canna Land tomorrow.

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Rich people try to mingle with their fellow rich men, they want to keep companionship with people of their class so that if things start to turn around they can see people they can run to immediately
They have good relations. They like to make rich friends and talking about earning money.

  • Good Vision

The rich have a good vision and goal about saving money. So, they are able to save money. They spend less. they always want to do things that will profit them and increase them on every side.

  • Investment

As in the case of Aliko Dangote, He has invested in many things that can yield money, even though a particle side of his investment seize to yield money the other side will continue to bring him more and more money.

And let me give you very good advice, The best investment I can advise an average man to do is Land investment because it does not depreciate

  • Proper/Good Family Planning
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Have you noticed that the rich usually have fewer children to take care for? They believe in having children that they can confidently train instead of having children that they can not train.

With fewer children, they have the family cost will reduce and that will help them to save.

  • Good Educational Background

It is obvious that no one can be very rich without having a basic educational background or by not having one that is educationally stable around him to manage his resources.

An educated person can lead in every sector of life and they can start up business by themself.

  • Positive Thinking

The rich have this mindset of possibility and can risk anything to get what they want.

The rich people are the risk taker and if the poor can also take a good risk they can get themselves out of the dungeon of poverty.

  • They Give more

Have you heard of the word ‘Give and it shall be given unto you’? Yes, that is the word of God in the book of Luke 6:38.

Givers never lack because God in heaven will provide more so that they can also give more and the more they give the more God provide that is the word of God.

They can donate to schools, churches, hospital game centers and how then do you think that they will not be blessed by God?
With this, all the rich are getting more richer and that all I have to say for now.

I strongly believe that this article has answered your question Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

The reasons have been outlined for you to read and know, but do you know what? if the poor can change his/ her mentality he will also become rich with time.

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