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why is it important to eat vegetables everyday

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Ever wondered why is it important to eat more vegetables every day than eating more carbohydrates and other sources of food? If yes, then you have just landed on the right page. Keep reading to get the desired answer you are searching for.

Before going into details I will like to make you understand that there are many reasons why people eat more vegetables but in this post, I will like to focus on the health aspect of why people eat more veggies.

7 Most Reasons why people eat Vegetables.

Slow Down Aging:

Fruits and vegetables contain a whole lot of nutrients and vitamins that can slow down aging thereby, returning the hands of the clock as people fondly say.

The vitamins found in fruits and vegetables help to keep your body cells in a healthy state, thereby making your body look more glamouring and beautiful.

Helps to prevent and reduce the risk of diseases:

As stated earlier, Fruits and vegetables, but most vegetables contain numerous biochemicals that are very powerful in combating diseases.


Those biochemicals are referred to as antioxidants. According to medical researches, it has been medically established that fruits and vegetables can help the immune system in fighting against some terminal diseases such as;

  1. Cancer
  2. Stroke
  3. heart attack
  4. Digestive disease
  5. etc

Add Colour to the meal:

The presence of vegetables in meals makes it more colorful and greenish, and as we know the color green represents healthily life.

Some vegetables in our daily meals make it very appetizing and irresistible, it makes it mouth-watering and very nourishing.

They are very affordable:

Vegetables and fruits are very cheap and affordable in some countries, unlike Nigeria where the price of an apple can be up to 150 Naira instead of 50 Naira.

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However, when compared with other foodstuffs out there in the market, Vegetables are cheaper.

Nigeria is so blessed with a whole lot of vegetables, isn’t it? please give your answer in the comment box below this article.

Very Important for weight loss and management:

Eating Vegetables that are very low in calories, can help you to reduce the total amount of calorie intake.

Today most gym coaches will advise you to replace your meal with more vegetables, those coaches are not fools they knew what they are telling you because with more vegetables in your meal, weight loss aim will be achieved faster.

Keeps your vision and eye in good health:

Most fruits and vegetables contain vitamin A which is regarded as retinol. when there is much retinol in the human eye, blindness will be very far from such a person unless blindness caused by other forces such as injuries, etc

Vegetables help in keeping our eye in good health and shape, so start to eat more vegetables from today.

Very Good for the Hypertension and Diabetes

As stated earlier before now in this article, Vitamines reduces the risk of a terminal disease.

Also, it has been medically proven that Vegetables help to reduce and to normalize the BP (Blood Pressure). Individuals suffering from Diabetes can use vegetables to reduce the rate of sugar content in their meals.

Let me clarify something here…..

Most times when people hear the word sugar, they begin to think that it is only white sugar (sucrose) No!!!. The carbohydrate you are consuming the end product is glucose ( Chemical formula C6H12O6).

Also, I will like to let you understand that it is not only glucose that can be the end product of carbohydrates but in whichever way, sugar must be produced. The sugar can be Glucose, Fructose, Galactose, Maltose, etc.

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I believe from this article written by Me ( Miracle Alozie ) you can now understand why is it important to eat vegetables more than the way you eat other sources of food. with vegetables, you can gradually return the hands of the clock.

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